Shop windows

Shop doors remain closed in winter 2020/21 . But the shop windows remain open. The mannequins continue to do their job: they present goods. Or do they do more?

It is time to stand in front of the windows and take a closer look, even without the intention to buy.

In search of the work of the window dressers, a curious tour leads through the shopping streets of Hanover.

One lightly, the other heavily clad in Schmiedestraße.

With an eye on the red opera house, she stands warm behind cool glass in Ständehausstraße.

Die U-Bahn im Kopf bei Werner Christ in der Georgstraße. Foto: Kai Grüber

Schaufensterpuppe im Designer Sinfonie Modecafé, Hannover. Foto: Kai Grüber

Schaufenster Parfümerie Liebe Hannover. Foto: Kai Grüber

Sometimes they stand side by side, sometimes they are alone, sitting dreamily or looking sternly.

To imply the display from the name of the shop would be too short-sighted.

The scenes in the shop windows are often more than a superficial presentation of goods.

A children’s doll and a clown: Two antique shops in Kramerstraße use different concepts. (Move the arrow in the middle of the picture to see both pictures in full).

In den Schaufenstern von StandArt Damenmoden hinter der Schaufensterpuppe: Nana als abstrakte Fotografie "Hinter den Augen sehen" von Kai Grüber.

StandArt in Leinstraße combines women’s fashion with photo art. It uses the shop windows for an overall view inside the shop.

The Manngequins make full use of the space for their show. Gallery atmosphere also from the street.

Mehrteilige Arbeit "Heavy Metal": Das Auto vom Karosseriebau bis zur Messepräsentation. Abstrakte Fotografie "Hinter den Augen sehen" von Kai Grüber.

Separated by a street and two large shop windows: The dolls in the Mäntelhaus Kaiser and IG von der Linde in Karmarschstraße.

Schaufenster Mäntelhaus Kaiser Hannover. Foto: Kai Grüber
Schaufenster IG von der Linde Hannover. Foto: Kai Grüber

The tour continues on Lister Meile. For two mannequins, the winter ends behind bars, almost completely hidden from outside eyes.