Vision behind the eyes

Memories set free.

“If everyone saw the world through green glasses, they would be forced to judge that everything they saw was green, and could never be sure whether their eyes saw things as they really are, or did not add something of their own to what they saw.”
Heinrich von Kleist

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The world as it is.

What’s on…

Is it possible to describe an industrial process in an abstract way? Does production necessarily need to be described in the usual measures or is there more behind than only a digital process? Heavy Metal is a compact and abstract picture series which documents the making of a car from the beginning in the factory to its presentation at an auto show. Locations: Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg/Germany and IAA Cars in Frankfurt/German. watch

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Shows and Exhibitions

November 2017 – May 2018
in between. Beijing Berlin
Café Konrad, Hannover

July 13 2017
Visuals Brandenburg Gate et al.
for Ghost Song by Christian Jost, Neue Meister V / Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin,
DRIVE, Friedrichstraße 84 / Unter den Linden, Berlin

May 20 – August 19 2017
menagerie, Kötnerholzweg 47A, Hannover Linden

January – March 2017
AutoMuseum Volkswagen, Wolfsburg

November 7 2016
Visuals / (feat. deluxe)
for Nigel Kennedy, presentation of album “My World”
, DRIVE, Friedrichstraße 84 / Unter den Linden, Berlin

July – November 2016
“Hinter den Augen sehen”
DRIVE, Friedrichstraße 84 / Unter den Linden, Berlin

June 20 2016
for Lover–Sky-Song by Christian Jost and
A Tear / Urban Perfume by Sven Helbig
Neue Meister II / Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin,
DRIVE, Friedrichstraße 84 / Unter den Linden, Berlin

April – July 2015
Jean-Jacques D., Lavesstraße 68, Hannover

since December 2013
Rückenwind , Nord LB Building, Hannover

September – December 2014
raum für fotografie, kaffeebar rossi , Hannover

October 2013
48-Hours Arts Nonstop , SofaLoft Kulturetage, Hannover

June 2013
Café Mendelssohn, Hannover

August – December 2012
Café Konrad, Hannover

November 2012 – Dezember 2014
Gallery Heinz & Heinz , Hannover

October 2008
Alvar Aalto Cultural Center, Wolfsburg

May – October 2008
Café Konrad, Hannover

March 2008
Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg

Visual for Nigel Kennedy Performance, Neue Meister III, DRIVE, Berlin
48 hours of art in Hanover
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Kai Grüber
1987 – 1990 freelance press photographer
2005 come-back to photography
since 2007 several exhibitions

Did you spot a photo which you would like to see at your walls? Send me a message. In co-operation with a gallery all photographs are available as a print, alu-dibond or canvas or behind acrylic polymer – realised according to your demand.

Or have a look at Heinz & Heinz in Hannover/Germany. Selected photographs of the series 1/20 Sekunden Hannover are available behind acrylic polymer in picture sizes 60×84 cm and 78×110 cm. Prints of this series are limited to 25 copis each.


Send an e-mail to kai / at /

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